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Dry Eye Therapy

Do you experience:

  • Burning, red eyes?
  • ​Tired eyes during the day?
  • ​A gritty feeling in your eyes?
  • ​Sensitivity to light?
  • ​Excessive tearing or watery eyes?
  • ​Symptoms worse later in the day?
  • ​Blurred vision?
  • ​Poor comfort in contact lenses?

If you experience these symptoms you may have Dry Eye Disease.

In our office, we provide numerous options for Dry Eye Treatment including:

  • Bruder eye masks
  • Punctal plugs
  • Preservative-free solutions and gels
  • Eyelid cleansing pads and gels
  • Oral & topical prescription medication including Restasis and Xiidra (EyeLove ads with Jennifer Aniston)
  • Advice on lifestyle modification
  • Referrals to ophthalmologists for autologous serum and amniotic membranes

Advanced Technology


Advanced technology like the Oculus Keratograph allows us to evaluate various elements related to dry eyes like tear break-up time, gland dysfunction, conjunctival redness and tear quantity.

An example of a tear break-up time scan done on the Oculus Keratograph. The darker colours indicate areas that dry out faster.

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