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Myopia Control

As children spend more time on digital screens and devices, there is increasing concern about potential harm to their visual development.  Studies indicate that more than 50% of the global population will develop myopia in the next 30 years.  Treating myopia early can slow its progression, reducing the severity of myopia and associated risks of serious eye conditions like retinal detachment or myopic maculopathy.


A myopia control treatment using specially designed gas permeable contact lenses.  The ortho-k lenses are worn overnight to gently reshape the corneal surface and provide clear vision without the need for glasses or contacts during the day.

Spectacle Lens Treatment

MiyoSmart, a special type of spectacle lens, has an innovative design that reduces the progression of myopia in children by an average of 59%.  The lens design intentionally defocuses the peripheral image on the retina, an effect shown to slow down the development of myopia.

Soft Contact Lens Therapy

MiSight 1 Day Soft Contact Lenses from Cooper Vision are a myopia control treatment using specially designed soft contact lenses.

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